Client Testimonials

Read on this page what our clients say about us and see for yourself what people have got to say about how much acupuncture and holistic treatments have benefited them
  • Hi Amy. I just wanted to say how lovely it is to come to see you and have your amazing treatments. In such a short time you've helped to work wonders. Just wanted to say how very grateful I am for your time and attention once a month.

    Emma, Peterborough., Acupuncture

  • "After visiting Amy for Acupuncture treatments I can cope much better with Fibromyalgia. I sleep better, I have more energy, the terrible headaches I suffered have gone, also my mind and memory are a lot clearer. My mood has totally lifted, I'm less anxious and a lot more relaxed. I have even lost weight, which I've tried to do for years but never been successful. My daily life has improved significantly due to the treatments I've received. My family and friends have commented on the difference it's made and how well I look, and I really look forward to my treatments as I know I'm going to feel great afterwards. Thanks Amy!"

    K.P, Peterborough, Acupuncture

  • ''I have had trouble sleeping for many years now and have tried many different things to help this. I've not found anything to stop me from waking up at night as I need to go to the bathroom, sometimes two or three times a night. However, after the acupuncture sessions I have begun to sleep all the way through, without the need to go to the bathroom. I feel so much more relaxed and refreshed when I wake up and throughout the day now. Thanks Amy."

    Eve, Peterborough, Acupuncture

  • I first contacted Amy out of desperation whilst suffering from exhaustion and anxiety; I was also suffering from terrible nausea. Having never tried acupuncture before, I didn't know what to expect. Amy was extremely attentive and took the time to really listen to, and talk through my symptoms. After my first session my nausea had reduced significantly and by my third session had gone completely. I have also seen a marked reduction in my stress and anxiety levels. I would not hesitate to recommend Amy.

    Mrs Vincent, Peterborough, Acupunucture

  • A needle that doesnt hurt and a hand that heals! I first started my treatment for persistent back pain and was little apprehensive about the treatment but from the first treatment it has moved to monthly treatment as it has relieved me so much and has definetely healed my body. Amy is a very good therapist as well a good listener. Her acupuncture treatments are definitely recommended and so are her massages. Thank you Amy for all your hard work.

    M.P, Peterborough, Acupuncture

  • ''Thank you Amy. My treatment was so relaxing and I have noticed a real difference from the acupuncture I received. I would definitely recommend that people ring you and discuss the various treatments you have on offer, that would be beneficial to their own personal situations. I am really looking forward to my next session''

    Carole - Peterborough, Acupuncture

  • '' I've had a couple of treatments now for back pain and have felt a massive difference the following the morning. I woke up feeling like i'd never had any back problems. Would recommend the treatment to anyone.”

    W.K - Peterborough, Acupuncture

  • “It's amazing what a few treatments can do to improve a very painful long-standing frozen shoulder. I now feel more mobile than I have for years”

    D.P - Peterborough, Acupuncture